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Completed Projects

HABRI-Funded Research

Since 2010, HABRI has awarded more than $3 million to worthy proposals on the cutting edge of addressing evidence based health benefits of human-animal interaction.

The following is a list of HABRI-funded projects that have been completed.

Measuring the Impact of a Mutually Reinforcing Relationship Between Pet Owners and Their Pets

Principal Investigator

Charles Faulkner (Lincoln Memorial University)

Companion Animals, Social Engagement, and Psychological Well-Being in Mid and Later Adulthood

Principal Investigator

Rebecca A. Johnson (University of Missouri)

Biobehavioral Effects of Therapy Dog Visitation in Elderly Intensive Care Unit Patients: A Pilot and Feasibility Study

Principal Investigator

Sandy Branson, PhD, MSN, RN (Cizik School of Nursing, The University of Texas Health Science Center)

Integration of AAI and Applied Behavior Analysis to Improve Academic Performance in Children with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability

Principal Investigators

Alexandra Protopopova (The University of British Columbia) & Breanna Harris (Texas Tech University)

Interactions with Animals to Reduce Children’s Stress

Principal Investigator

Molly K. Crossman (Yale University)