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Veterinarians, veterinary nurses, animal health professionals, and everyone who helps advance the field of veterinary medicine, are essential in supporting strong, healthy human-animal bonds.

Today, the majority of pet owners consider their pet to be an important part of the family. As the body of scientific research on the human-animal bond continues to grow, more pet owners are looking to their veterinarians for information and resources on how best to keep their pets healthy and happy to strengthen their relationship with their companion animals.

From a HABRI survey of 2,000 pet owners, we know that pet owners rely on their veterinarians to deliver scientific information on the human health benefits of pets. Results of the survey also show that increased knowledge of the many ways in which pets can improve our physical and mental health boosts pet owner commitment to keeping up with vet visits, vaccines and preventative medicine.

The survey found that when educated about the health benefits of pet ownership:

  • 92% said they were more likely to maintain a pet’s health, including keeping up with vaccines and preventive medicine
  • 89% said they were more likely to maintain a pet’s health, including regular check-ups with a veterinarian
  • 88% said they were more likely to provide a pet with higher quality nutrition
  • 51% said they were more likely to purchase pet health insurance
  • 62% said they were less likely to skip visits to the veterinarian
  • 89% said they were more likely to take better care of a pet

HABRI has developed several resources aimed at helping veterinarians communicate the human-animal bond to their clients to improve their practices and strengthen human-animal bonds for healthier people and pets together.

Human Animal Bond Certification

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), have teamed up together to develop a new certification course for practicing veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary practice managers – Human Animal Bond Certified. This program gives practicing veterinarians and other animal health professionals across the country the opportunity to become officially certified in the science of the human-animal bond. The Human-Animal Bond Certification program includes access to professional marketing materials to promote your new certification to clients, including a certificate of completion, flyers, posters, social media graphics and an eBlast template. The Human-Animal Bond Certification program is an online, self-paced training with a final exam for certification.

Visit to learn more.

The Pet Effect

The Pet Effect is a multi-pronged campaign aimed to introduce pet owners to the health benefits of the human-animal bond, and to understand how important their veterinarians are for happy, healthy pets. The Pet Effect’s promotional materials include brochures, fliers, and videos that are both educational and entertaining. The Pet Effect was created to encourage conversation on how pets can benefit human health and raise awareness on how veterinarians are key for human health and public health. Veterinarians, and anyone interested in communicating the human-animal bond to the public, are encouraged to download the free-to-use materials here.

Visit The Pet Effect website to learn more.

Client Communication Materials

HABRI partnered with LifeLearn to create the Human-Animal Bond Kit, which helps professionals communicate the importance of the human-animal bond to clients. Included in the free download is an informational video and poster.

Visit LifeLearn’s website to download and learn more.

Become an NAVC Embrace Advocate

Embrace gives veterinary professionals and pet owners a platform to advocate for animals everywhere by providing updates on legislation, rules and regulations impacting pet health on the federal, state, and local level.