Grants & Funding Overview

Grants & Funding

HABRI funds innovative research projects on the evidence-based health benefits of human-animal interaction.

Addressing Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interaction

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) seeks to demonstrate that our relationship with pets and animals make the world a better place by significantly improving human health and quality of life. HABRI does this by advancing the growing body of evidence about the positive roles that companion animals play in the integrated health of individuals, families and communities.

HABRI calls for research proposals on an annual basis to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. HABRI is interested in proposals that involve a variety of pet species (i.e. dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, small animals). Proposals should focus on innovative approaches to studying the health effects of animals on humans within the following broad categories:

  • Child Health and Development
  • Healthy Aging
  • Mental Health and Wellness