Shareable Infographic: Can Pets Help You Live Longer? | HABRI

Pets can contribute to health aging and even longer life! Studies suggest that pets can positively influence factors that contribute to longevity, including reducing stress, facilitating resiliency against cardiovascular disease, and connecting us to a network of social support.

To highlight this scientific evidence, HABRI has created a new infographic highlighting the ways pets can help us live longer. We hope that in sharing this information, we can raise awareness of the many ways in which pets improve our lives.

While there is always more research that needs to be done, sharing what we know now can have a positive impact for people and pets. We know that pet owners are more likely to take better care of their pets when they learn how good their pets are for them –reinforcing the mutually-beneficial relationship that builds the human-animal bond.

Please consider posting this infographic on your social media channels, websites and sharing it with your colleagues, friends and family. Thank you!

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