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Pet Care Professionals Education Toolkit

Designed to help pet care professionals communicate the human-animal bond with their customers

As a trusted pet expert, it benefits you to be able to knowledgeably discuss the science behind the human-animal bond with customers, as it has the potential to boost the bottom line for your business.

Start the Conversation with your Customers

As a pet product manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, sharing the science behind the human-animal bond can put your company at the center of an important conversation about the powerful relationship between animals and people.

  • 64% of pet owners have had a conversation with someone in the past year about the health benefits of pet ownership
  • Yet only 8% say that those conversations took place with pet store employees.

Every person involved in the pet product supply chain has the opportunity to help create a more pet-friendly society by supporting the human-animal bond. Get started today with these free-to-download factsheets from HABRI.

Pets are a Force for Good

In a world where so many different things divide us, the human-animal bond is universal across countries and cultures.

As a pet industry professional, you witness how pets have the power to bring people together. Anyone who helps pet owners feed and care for their pets is also a force for good, and together we can strengthen the human-animal bond for everyone.

Communicating the Human-Animal Bond to Customers

Research from HABRI demonstrates that with increased knowledge of the science behind the human-animal bond, pet owners will put more resources into pet care and increase pet ownership.

  • 90% of pet owners say they would be more likely to recommend a pet to a friend or family member
  • 80% of pet owners would be more likely to get another pet in the future.

The following resources will equip you with the knowledge to educate pet owners on the myriad of health benefits of pet ownership.

Hang a Poster to Educate Customers and Staff

To help raise awareness. HABRI created this print-ready poster to educate customers and staff on the health benefits of the human-animal bond.

Stay Active on Social Media

Help raise awareness of the human-animal bond by spreading the word not only to the customers you meet in your store, but to everyone who follows your organization on social media! Depending on how your organization interacts with customers online, you might want to consider short, concise social media posts, or a long-form blog post for a deep dive into the science.

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