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Are you a veterinary professional in need of CE hours to close out the year? Do you want to find a way to connect with your clients and your purpose? There’s a way to do both, and it’s getting Human-Animal Bond Certified. For International Human-Animal Bond Day this November 8th, sign up and receive a discounted price of $129.00.

Why get Human-Animal Bond Certified?

Human-Animal Bond Certified is the only continuing education course solely dedicated to helping veterinary professionals learn and communicate the science of the human-animal bond. As keepers of the human-animal bond, there is no better authority to communicate the science supporting health benefits of the bond than veterinarians and their dedicated teams. The veterinary clinic is already the most important source of information on pet health, and it only takes a short conversation to also make them the key source of information on the human-animal bond.

Why is this important?

Research from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) demonstrates that with increased knowledge of the science behind the human-animal bond, pet owners are more likely to invest time and resources in the health and wellness of their pets. The question is: How do we make sure pet owners get the message that pets are good for our mental, physical and social health?

The benefits to human health may seem obvious, but the benefits to our companion animals are also quite profound. Pet owners told us that the more they learned about the science of the human-animal bond, the more positive pet care behaviors they were likely to engage in:

  • 91% said they would be more likely to take better care of their pets
  • 91% said they would be more likely to maintain their pet’s health, including regular check-ups with their veterinarian
  • 90% said they would be more likely to provide their pet with higher-quality nutrition

When veterinary teams are stretched thin, it’s sometimes harder to have a longer conversation with a client. But the benefits to the veterinary practice make these deeper conversations worthwhile, with 70% of pet owners saying they would have a more favorable view and 65% saying they would be more likely to visit veterinarians who discussed the health benefits of the human-animal bond with them.

Learn More About Getting Human-Animal Bond Certified

HABRI has partnered with the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) to develop the Human-Animal Bond  Certified continuing education course that teaches a formal understanding of human-animal interaction research and how to best use that knowledge in the practice of veterinary medicine. Online, self-paced training  modules focus on the science, communication, animal welfare, and medical care to communicate, create and maintain positive human-animal bonds.

This course is filled with information that can be applied in daily practice and it helps veterinary teams reconnect with their purpose as veterinary professionals – to protect and strengthen the human-animal bond. In honor of International Human-Animal Bond Day (November 8th) Human-Animal Bond Certified is being offered at a special discounted rate, so there’s no better time to sign-up.

Visit HABRI.org to learn more about the scientific research showing the amazing health benefits of the pets in our lives.