Human-Animal Bond Lecture Series | HABRI

Human-Animal Bond Lecture Series

sponsored by IDEXX

The Importance of the Human-Animal Bond for the Veterinary Profession

About the Session

The pandemic has brought pets and people closer than ever, which has coincided with more attuned pet owners who are prioritizing their pet’s health. In turn, the demand for veterinary care is at an all-time high, as is information about the human-animal bond. This course will feature Steven Feldman, President of the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), reviewing key data on the impact of the human-animal bond on pet owner behavior, and how communicating the science of the human-animal bond can lead to better veterinary care. Steven will be joined by Dr. Jason Johnson, Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer at IDEXX, who will share his perspective as a veterinarian, and offer advice on how veterinarians can leverage the human-animal bond to improve the practice of veterinary medicine, while reconnecting with their purpose and passion.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Jason Johnson

Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer at IDEXX

Dr. Jason Johnson is the Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer at IDEXX. Jason is a proven leader who focuses his energy on igniting the veterinary space to envision the bold future we can create together. He is the former dean and a founding faculty member of the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine. His career has found him as a boarded veterinarian, private practitioner, practice owner, professor, VP & Dean, consultant, researcher, multiple board member & serial founder. Recognized in veterinary cosmos most notably as a visionary innovator, collaborator, expert communicator and team builder, and change agent. Skilled at inspiring teams toward a shared vision and a preferred future driven by sound business decisions and incessant evaluation of metrics. He has conducted international veterinary work across 7 countries and believes it is our distinct privilege and responsibility to elevate animal health around the globe.