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Through generous donations from individuals, companies and organizations, HABRI is able to fund important scientific research to improve human health and quality of life.

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Through scientific research and educational outreach, HABRI is focused on demonstrating that our dynamic relationship with companion animals — the human-animal bond — significantly improves human health and quality of life.

HABRI is the only organization focused exclusively on human-animal bond research. Among its accomplishments to-date, HABRI has:

  • Funded more than $2.5 million in innovative research projects
  • Established HABRI Central, the world's largest, most comprehensive library of human-animal interaction science, with more than 29,000 resources and growing
  • Funded scientific research on the human-animal bond and autism, PTSD, obesity and child health
  • Become the first organization to calculate the health care impact of pet ownership, finding $11.7 billion in health care cost savings
  • Conducted a comprehensive survey of doctors revealing an overwhelming 97% of physicians believe there are health benefits to pet ownership and 74% would prescribe pets for their patients
  • Been named one of the best animal therapy non-profits of 2017 by