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A growing number of companies, organizations and individuals support HABRI. This support is vital to ongoing research into the health benefits of the human-animal bond and HABRI’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance of pets to individual, family and community health. HABRI is always looking for new supporters. Read more to learn more about how you, your company or your organization can join HABRI in advancing the science on the human-animal bond:

Individual Support

Research Champions

Individuals have the opportunity to support the HABRI mission and vision as Research Champions. Donations support key areas of research into the health benefits of pets in the areas of child health and development; mental health and wellness; and healthy aging. To find out more about HABRI’s research focus areas, please visit our Research page.

Corporate/Organizational Support

Corporate and organizational supporters commit to supporting the HABRI mission and vision with their time, talent, and financial support.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members help guide the strategic direction of the organization and may place individuals on its Working Groups, which help the organization set priorities in research, education, and public policy.

Leadership Circle

Companies that join the HABRI Leadership Circle play a critical role in leading the HABRI scientific research effort – on the power of animals to help treat autism, PTSD, Alzheimer’s and more.

Proud Partner

Many small and medium sized companies believe in the power of the human-animal bond to heal, to support better pet care, to encourage pet adoption and to improve our world. Joining HABRI’s Leadership Circle is a great way to share these values with stakeholders, customers and the public.

Industry Association/Non-Profit Advisors

A growing coalition of non-profits and associations continue to support the HABRI effort. Non-profits and Associations serve as key advisors to the HABRI Steering Committee and its Working Groups. Their partnership in sharing the HABRI message with members, policymakers and the public is invaluable.


To learn more about how you can support the HABRI mission, please contact Steve Feldman