Current Projects

Since 2010, HABRI has awarded more than $2 million to worthy proposals on the cutting edge of addressing evidence based health benefits of human-animal interaction.

Each of the projects below have been funded and are “in progress.” They will be published once results are final.

Child Health and Development

The Effect of Animal-assisted Intervention on Preoperative Anxiety and Dose of Sedation in Children

Zenithson Y. Ng, DVM, MS (University of Tennessee)

Impact of Animal Assisted Therapy on Quality, Completeness, and Patient and Parental Satisfaction in Children Undergoing Clinical Echocardiography

Piers Barker, MD (Duke University)

Pets In The Classroom: What are the Social, Behavioral, and Academic Effects of Classroom Pets for Children, 8-10 Years?

Amy McCullough, PhD (American Humane Association)

Interactions with Animals to Reduce Children’s Stress

Alan E. Kazdin, PhD (Yale University)

Physiological wellness effects of animal-assisted activities in children with autism spectrum disorder in a specialized psychiatric hospital program

Robin L. Gabriels, PsyD (University of Colorado, Denver)

Shelter Cat Adoption in Families of Children with Autism: Impact on Children’s Social Skills and Anxiety as well as Cat Stress

Gretchen Carlisle, PhD, MEd, RN (University of Missouri)

The Health and Developmental Benefits of Companion Animals for Young Children: Advancing the Evidence Base

Hayley Christian, PhD (University of Western Australia)

Integration of AAI and Applied Behavior Analysis to Improve Academic Performance in Children with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability

Alexandra Protopopova, PhD & Breanna Harris, PhD (Texas Tech University)

Healthy Aging

Biobehavioral Effects of Therapy Dog Visitation in Elderly Intensive Care Unit Patients: a Pilot and Feasibility Study

Sandy Branson, PhD, MSN, RN (University of Texas)

Companion Animals, Social Engagement, and Psychological Well-being in Mid and Later Adulthood

Rebecca A Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP (University of Missouri)

Healthy Aging: Human Companionship Through Fostering Felines

Heidi Ewen, PhD (University of Georgia)

Mental Health

Pilot Study of the Effects of Service Dogs on Mental Health and Wellness in War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI

Marguerite E. O'Haire, PhD (Purdue University)


Measuring the Impact of a Mutually Reinforcing Relationship Between Pet Owners and Their Pets

Charles Faulkner, PhD (Lincoln Memorial University)