About | HABRI


The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) is a non-profit research and education organization that is gathering, funding and sharing scientific research to demonstrate the positive health impacts of companion animals.

Founded by the American Pet Products Association, Zoetis, and Petco, and supported by a growing number of organizations and individuals, the HABRI Foundation is fast becoming the go-to resource for research and information on the human-animal bond. Since its formation in 2010, HABRI has created the world’s largest online library of human-animal interaction science, HABRI Central, and has funded more than $3 million in innovative research projects. HABRI Central has become a powerful tool utilized by academics and research scientists to scientifically document the health benefits of companion animals.

HABRI also informs the public about groundbreaking human-animal bond research and the beneficial role of companion animals in society. The growing body of scientific evidence that demonstrates the specific health benefits of the human-animal bond can be used by everyone – from doctors to policymakers – to make informed decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of people, pets and the communities where they live.